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Interacting with the Next Generation of Scientists

By Martijn De Sterke | Posted: 2 May 2016

Since it is a long flight from Sydney to India I decided to combine visits to two different student chapters in a single trip. Arriving in Kolkata late on a Wednesday evening, I spent the Thursday morning at the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI) in Kolkata, a very impressive organization,  and then on by train to Dhanbad, the location of the Indian School of Mines (ISM). Here I spent all of Friday, and then was at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur on the Monday and the Tuesday morning. Over the weekend the students at ISM showed me around in Gaya, one of the holy sites of Buddhism, and on the Sunday it took us most of the day to drive from Dhanbad to Kharagpur. The entire visit was very enjoyable with the students looking after me very well at every stage. 

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Enthusiastic Young Minds Create an Ecosystem of Learning

By OSA Student Chapter of Vilnius University | Posted: 28 April 2016

59th international conference for students of physics and natural sciences “Open Readings 2016” gathered more than 300 enthusiastic young minds in order to create an ecosystem of learning and sharing the experience. The conference took place on 15-18th of March in Vilnius, Lithuania and connected students from all over Europe working in a variety of thrilling topics: from optics and laser physics to the latest applications in biomedicine.

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Optical Enrichment Activity at Alomim School

By OSA TAU Student Chapter | Posted: 28 April 2016

The optical enrichment activity was conducted on 8 April 2016 as part of an open day at school to expose the students to different fields of interest. The students that attended the optical activity chose this activity out of other options available to them that day.
In this activity, we exposed the class to the white light wonders using the OSA Optics Suitcase and explained the motivation of our visit, to revel and to expose our attention to daily phenomena and to understand how it relates to the science and technology. We started with a short introduction on what is light, what we know about it, the students actively participated in the discussion and offered different types of light sources. We summarized this part by stating that light is an energy that has a source and that travels in space.

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Spark Your Dream - Celebrating OSA's Centennial

By Ningbo University OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 28 April 2016

Our chapter decided to organize a series of youth education activities named “Spark Your Dream” to celebrate the OSA’s 100th birthday. We wanted to impart our knowledge to help younger students in order to foster their interests in optics and science in general to broaden their horizon. We wanted to make the younger students understand what OSA has to offer through these activities.

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Awarding New Ideas

By OSA Student Chapter of Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur | Posted: 27 April 2016

OSA Student Chapter of Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur conducted a student oriented conference titled, 'OSA Young Student Congress on Photonic Technologies' on April 16-17, 2016. It was a one and a half day event which began in the afternoon of April 16 and ended in the evening of April 17. We received around 30 papers from students at our institute as well as from other institutions. The reviewing committee consisted of esteemed professors where they selected 15 papers for oral presentation and other 15 for poster presentation. The event started with a 30 minutes presentation on OSA and our student chapter, given by Mr. Abhishek Godbole, President of OSA Student Chapter, MNIT Jaipur. Then we had a Skype session with Mr. Sripadaraja of Sridutt Technologies who explained to the attendees about the Lumerical Simulation tool which is widely used for simulation and modeling of optical devices. Following the session, we had a poster presentation competition among the participants. Out of the 15 posters we received, two of them were awarded best posters and received a prize. On the second day, we began with a welcome note from our faculty advisor Dr. Ghanshyam Singh. Then we had four expert lectures each of 45 minutes. The lectures were on varied topics such as Optics/Photonics, document preparation using LaTeX, Optical Wireless Communication and Art of manuscript preparation and submission in reputed journals. It was a great learning experience for the participants as they got exposed to such varied and important topics. After that we organized a quiz competition for the participants. The questions were based on fiber optic communication and photonic devices. Around 40 students took part in the quiz and the top three were awarded a prize. Then we had oral presentations from the participants which were judged by esteemed Professors of MNIT Jaipur. Two of the top presenters were awarded a prize. This event was well received by the participants and was a great learning process for the organizers. Members of our student chapter gained a lot from organizing this event and we look forward to conduct such activities in future also. We are grateful to OSA for providing us the Centennial Special Events Grants which helped us to organize this event without any inconvenience.

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Cultivating Success with Other Student Chapters

By OSA Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) Student Chapter | Posted: 27 April 2016

Beijing Jiaotong University OSA Student Chapter held a series of events from April 21st to April 22nd, titled "Biomedical Sensing and Optical Fiber Sensing Seminar" as well as the "BJTU OSA/SPIE Student Chapter Symposium", to commemorate The Optical Society’s 100th anniversary. We invited Professor Alex Vitkin (University of Toronto, Fellow of OSA and SPIE, the SPIE Visiting Lecturer), who has expertise in medical physics and applications of lasers in medicine, to attend these celebrations.

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2016 USA Science and Engineering Festival

By Jen Tedeschi | Posted: 26 April 2016

On 15-17 April 2016, The Optical Society (OSA) participated in the 2016 USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. This festival is a bi-annual event to advance STEM education and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. There were 1,000 participating organizations with over 3,000 hands-on activities for attendees to learn more about science. We partnered with our sister societies under the name of Big Top Physics to help attendees learn more about the general field of physics. OSA featured our Centennial Exhibit, the Explore Optics Kit, as well as a Light Paint Booth where attendees received a picture of their creation.

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Visiting the Kansas Optical Society

By Tso Yee Fan | Posted: 26 April 2016

The Kansas Optical Society student chapter, based at Kansas State University, is active in running events such as arranging for and hosting OSA Traveling Lecturer and putting together outreach at the University Open House. The chapter has around 20 members and hosted me on a very full day in Manhattan, Kansas. Some of the research activities included ultrafast molecular dynamics, laser development, and ultrafast x-ray science. These activities centered around the J. R. Macdonald Laboratory, which houses multiple short-pulse, Ti-sapphire-based laser systems along with ion sources and accelerators. This is a shared facility for the one of the larger U. S. university AMO physics communities.

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A Lecturer Down Under

By San Francisco State University OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 26 April 2016

On Thursday March 17th 2016, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Yuri Kivshar, from the Nonlinear Physics Center at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, through the OSA Traveling Lecturer Program. Dr. Kivshar works for the physics and astronomy department at San Francisco State University in San Francisco California. 

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Developments in Optics and Communications 2016

By OSA Student Chapter of University of Latvia | Posted: 26 April 2016

From the 21st to 23rd of March, the 12th International student and young scientist conference “Developments in Optics and Communications 2016” (DOC 2016) was held in Riga, Latvia. Many brilliant young scientists gathered from different countries to share their scientific work, insights and experiences in various fields related to optics: vision science, optical materials, biophotonics, laser physics and spectroscopy.

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