International Optical Design Conference (IODC)

22 - 26 junho 2014
The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii United States

Invited Speakers

Kevin Rolland-Thompson, Synopsys, Inc, United States
Computational Imaging Challenges, Plenary

Rob Bates, United States
Digital Imaging System Design and Trade Space Analysis, Invited

Thomas Brown, U of Rochester, The Institute of Optics, United States
Imaging the Polarization of a Light Field , Invited

Peter Clark, Optikos Corporation, United States
Mobile Platform Optical Design, Invited

Alexander Epple, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany
Free Form Surfaces in Imaging Optics, Invited

Joseph Ford, University of California San Diego, United States
Telescope Contact Lenses and the Fiber-coupled Scale Model Eye , Invited

Andrew Harvey, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Title to be Determined, Invited

James Harvey, Photon Engineering LLC
Integration of Optical Fabrication and Metrology into the Optical Design Process, Invited

Juan Carlos Miñano, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Anastigmatic Imaging with Unconstrained Object to Image Mapping, Invited

Thomas Nobis, Universitat Leipzig, Germany
A Lens-resolved Approach for Analyzing and Correcting Secondary Axial Color, Invited

Richard Pfisterer, Photon Engineering LLC, United States
Color Correction Strategies in Optical Design, Invited

Jannick Rolland, University of Rochester, United States
The Pamplemousse: The Optical Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of a 3-mirror Freeform Imaging Telescope, Invited

Derek Sabatke, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, United States
Ray-tracing for Coordinate Knowledge in the JWST Integrated Science Instrument Module, Invited

Jose Sasian, University of Arizona, United States
Field Curvature Aberration: What is New?", Invited

Daniel Smith, Nikon Research Corporation of America, United States
Illumination in Microlithography - A Brief History, Invited

Michael Theisen, University of Rochester, United States
Phase Effects in Guided Mode Resonance Filters, Invited

Anthony Visconti, University of Rochester, United States
Stress-Induced Index Gradients in Optical Design, Invited

Chunyu Zhao, University of Arizona, United States
Design of Progressive Addition Lens with Newly Developed Curvature Polynomials, Invited