OSA Industry Workshop Program Committees

Industry Workshop Program Committees plan the content for OSA Industry Workshops. The Program Committee ensures the objectivity and value of the annual event through the development of a relevant topic, invitations to appropriate speakers, and participation in the onsite execution of the event. Its activities include, but are not limited to, the following functions:
  • Determines the program theme and panel topic relevant to current activity in the industry.
  • Identifies and invites a keynote speaker and panel speakers for the program.
  • Participates in regularly scheduled conference calls in preparation for the event.
  • Attends and contributes to the on-site event execution through opening/closing comments, speaker introductions, and panel moderation.
  • Ensures program is presented in an objective manner and is reflective of the industry.
Term: 6-12 months
Time commitment: monthly conference calls, and on-site participation at the workshop.
Travel: Travel may be required
Travel Reimbursement*: Complimentary one-day registration day of Industry Program.

Current annually scheduled workshops:
OSA/CIAN Data Center Workshop

Previous annually scheduled workshops:
OSA Integrated Photonics Workshop

Have a suggestion for a workshop topic? Interested in joining a committee? Let us know! Industry@osa.org

*Please note, OSA volunteers are responsible for covering the costs of their own travel, lodging and expenses to OSA meetings and events. This includes registration costs for events.