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Diagnosing Breast Cancer Using Red Light

Optical Mammography, or OM, which uses harmless red or infrared light, has been developed for use in conjunction with X-rays for diagnosis or monitoring in cases demanding repeated imaging where high amounts of ionizing radiation should be avoided. At the OSA Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics meeting, held 3-6 April in Hollywood, Florida, USA, researchers from Milan, Italy, will report an advance in instrument development that increases the sensitivity of OM by as much as 1000-fold.

Added: 23 mar. 2018

Laser-Based System Offers Continuous Monitoring of Leaks from Oil and Gas Operations

Researchers have conducted the first field tests for a new laser-based system that can pinpoint the location of very small methane leaks over an area of several square miles. The new technology could one day be used to continuously monitor for costly and dangerous methane leaks at oil and gas production sites.

Added: 22 mar. 2018

Researchers Create Microlaser that Flies Along Hollow Optical Fiber

For the first time, researchers have optically trapped and propelled a particle-based laser for centimeters inside an optical fiber. The new flying microlaser enables highly sensitive temperature measurements along the length of the fiber and could offer a novel way to precisely deliver light to remote and inaccessible locations.

Added: 20 mar. 2018

New Optical Modules Could Improve Thyroid Cancer Screening

Early diagnosis in thyroid cancer can improve a patient’s likelihood of recovery, but current screening methods use instruments with poor sensitivity and can yield inaccurate results. Consequently, doctors often have to rely on incomplete information to make diagnostic decisions and recommend treatments, and this can lead to patients receiving unnecessary surgeries or experiencing a reduced quality of life.

Added: 19 mar. 2018

National Photonics Initiative Mourns the Passing of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

The National Photonics Initiative (NPI) is mourning the passing of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) who was a longtime advocate for photonics research. As a scientist herself, Congresswoman Slaughter fully appreciated the impact of the science and research community on our nation’s ability to innovate and grow.

Added: 16 mar. 2018

Compact Fiber Optic Sensor Offers Sensitive Analysis in Narrow Spaces

Researchers have developed a new flexible sensor with high sensitivity that is designed to perform variety of chemical and biological analyses in very small spaces. The sensor’s small size means that it could potentially be used inside blood vessels. With additional development, the sensor might be used to detect specific chemicals, DNA molecules or viruses.

Added: 15 mar. 2018

OFC 2018 Wraps in San Diego with Major Announcements in Data-center Connectivity, 5G and More

OFC 2018, the largest global conference and exposition in optical communications and networking, wrapped up an impressive and stimulating week in San Diego, CA, showcasing the latest innovations in the field, with more than 15,500 attendees, 700+ exhibitors from 65 countries, and over 850 peer reviewed technical sessions.

Added: 15 mar. 2018

Holography Approach Improves Heads up Displays for Planes and Cars

Heads-up displays are transparent devices used in airplanes and cars to provide information such as critical flight data or driving directions on the windshield. An innovative holography-based approach could soon make these heads-up displays much easier to see with a large eye box.

Added: 12 mar. 2018

The Long and the Short of Transmission Performance Evaluation

If you trust standard assessment methods of broadband transmission performance in real systems, your outlook might be unnecessarily pessimistic. You might also be overestimating how much benefit digital signal processing (DSP) can offer to nonlinearity compensation (NLC) in the transmission channels. By testing transmitter measurement schemes, engineers from TE SubCom, New Jersey, USA, will demonstrate that differences between performance measurements depends on the transmission distance and choice of DSP used. They will present their results at OFC 2018, 11-15 March, San Diego, California, USA.

Added: 12 mar. 2018

Fast, High Capacity Fiber Transmission Gets Real for Data Centers

A cutting edge, “off-line” signal transmission mechanism, experimentally demonstrated just a few years ago, is now on-line as a real-time bidirectional transmission system. At OFC 2018, the single-most important annual event in optical communications, being held March 11-15 in San Diego California, a research team from Nokia will report the real-time, bi-directional transmission of 78 interleaved, 400 gigabit per second (Gb/s) channels with a 31.2 terabit per second (Tb/s) fiber capacity.

Added: 08 mar. 2018

The Optical Society and Society for Imaging Science and Technology Present the 2018 Land Medal

The Optical Society (OSA) and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) are pleased to name Ann E. Elsner, Indiana University and Aeon Imaging, LLC, USA the 2018 Edwin H. Land Medal recipient. Elsner is recognized for her contributions to the fields of ophthalmic instrumentation and vision science with innovative imaging technologies, state-of-the-art psychophysical research and entrepreneurial ventures.

Added: 08 mar. 2018

The Optical Society Announces Student Grand Challenge “The Optical Systems of the Future”

Today, The Optical Society (OSA) has announced its new Student Grand Challenge called The Optical Systems of the Future, which invites OSA student members and their advisors to submit ideas for either a novel passive or active optical system. Four finalists will be chosen to attend the OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, 25-28 June 2018 in Orlando, FL USA.

Added: 06 mar. 2018