Post Doctoral Assignment

Resources for Finding Post-Doctoral
Assignments & Internships

There are many Web resources to help you find a post-doctoral and internship position. Listed below are some sites you may want to explore.

Post Doctoral Web Sites
Career Web Sites
Fellowships & Internships

Post-Doctoral Web Sites

Global Search Engines

  • National Research Council – Postdoctoral and senior research awards are sponsored by thirty federal laboratories at over one hundred locations in the United States and overseas.
  • – Provides helpful information concerning the application and interview process for post-doctorate positions as well as academic and nonacademic science careers.
  • – Brings together recent Ph.D.s, and professors, research institutions as well as other employers to find a good match for post-doctoral positions.

North America


Career Web Sites

The following sites often include post-doctoral and internship opportunities. 


  • – Optical Society of America-hosted career Web site featuring optics and photonics positions worldwide.
  • – Lists science, research, and academic positions in the United Kingdom and abroad.
  •  - Job postings in optics, photonics, nanotechnology, lasers, fibers, and semi-conductors.
  • Science Careers - American Association for the Advancement of Science-hosted job site covering a broad range of science job postings.
  • – Searchable listing of science positions in academia and the industrial sector.


  •  - American Astronomical Society-hosted job register featuring post-doctoral opportunities.

Biomedical Engineering


Engineering & Science

  • - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers-hosted career Web site.
  • - A repository of engineering job postings found on career Web sites/search engines, associations, and newspapers.
  • - National Society of Professional Engineers-hosted career Web site.  Also features information on salaries and licensing.


  • -  Career Web site specializing in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology opportunities.


  • - American Institute of Physics-hosted Web site featuring full-time and post-doctoral listings.
  • - Features internships and full-time positions jobs in the United Kingdom.

Fellowships & Internships