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Day 1: ​Applied Industrial Optics


Day 1: ​Applied Industrial Optics

By Sogol Borjian, Ph.D

OSA’s Imaging and Applied Optics Congress kicked off with the Joint Opening Plenary Session.
Mohan Trivedi (University of California San Diego, USA) opened the conference with “Humanity, Intelligent vehicles LISA Research Agenda”, an insight into the intelligent vehicles future and the long term goal of human cohabitation with intelligent robots. Next, John Schwartzman (Director of Photography, USA) closed the session with his talk on “Advanced Imaging Photography”.

The first session of AIO 2017, “Hyperspecial Imaging”, was opened by the invited speaker, Arsen Hajian (Hindsight Imaging Inc., USA) with a talk titled “Defense and Biomedical Products Based on the High Throughput Virtual Slit”. Arsen introduced Hindsight HTVS equipped imaging instruments and their applications. Hyperspectral imaging is richer in data sets which leads to better analytics and higher resolution. These devices are sensitive for small particle detection such as trace gas detection. These handheld devices are also as powerful as the lab devices. Next, Hod Finkelstein (Trutag Technologies Inc., USA) presented on “Next Generation Intelligent Hyperspectral Imagers for High-Resolution Object Identification”.

After the lunch break, “Locutus of AIO” session was opened by the invited speaker, Carlos Mastrangelo (University of Utah, USA) with a talk titled “Adaptive Optics for Autofocusing Eyeglasses”. Pei-Cheng Ku (University of Michigan, USA) presented “Chip-scale Integration of RGB LED Pixels for Microdisplay, Lighting and Biophotonics Applications”. Pei-Cheng described the Local Strain Engineering as a scalable approach for LED microdisplays. He also discussed some of their challenges such as need for further improvements of the epitaxial stack quality to improve red pixel efficiency.

After a short coffee break, AIO continued with the final session of Day 1, “Quality Spectroscopy and Processes”. Luca Poletto (National Research Council, Italy) opened this final session with his talk on “Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy applied to gas sensing for agro-food and medical processes”. Luca described various applications of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements in food industry and in-line checking of the modified packing. Moreover he presented the medical application such as diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori. He also described the optical design of the set-ups for these measurements.

Ruishu Feng (National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA) spoke on “Fe Thin Film Coated Optics for Corrosion Monitoring”. Ruishu shared her results on the optical response and corrosion behavior of Fe thin films and the comparison between these results with the bulk carbon steel. Pranay Jain (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, USA) talked about “Diffuse Optical Imaging for Particle Characterization in Dense Colloidal Dispersions” as the last talk of the Day 1.

We rounded out the evening with good conversation at a lively networking reception.


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