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Fiberguide Industries Inc

3409 E Linden Street
Caldwell, ID 83605
Region: United States
Fiberguide Industries Inc
Telephone:9086476601 (33)

Company Type:Components Manufacturer

Industry Categories:
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Biotechnology/Medical
  • Energy/Alternative Energy
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Telecom/Datacom

Fiberguide engineers, designs, develops and manufactures the highest quality, cost-effective optical fiber and optical fiber assemblies solutions for diverse markets - medical, aerospace, industrial, analytical, and oil and gas - through the integration of people, technology and business systems. Specialty optical fiber, High temperature aluminum and gold-coated optical fiber, Optical fiber assemblies, High temperature optical fiber assemblies, Fiber Optic 2D arrays, High power optical fiber assemblies, Shaped tip medical assemblies, Capillary tubing