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Base Lab Tools Inc

140 North 2nd St, Unit 3
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Region: United States
Base Lab Tools Inc

Company Type:Components Manufacturer

Industry Categories:
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Biotechnology/Medical
  • Manufacturing: Opto-Mechanics
  • Other: Photonics

Base Lab Tools manufactures optical lab equipment used by leading science & technology businesses and research institutes in the US and Europe. The main focus of Base Lab Tools is the optical breadboard which functions as the foundation scientists use to build optical experiments. All Base Lab Tools optical breadboards are handcrafted for customers in our Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. We are not only proud to make our flagship products in the USA, but it gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors who outsourced their production overseas long ago. All of our optical tables, optical breadboards and opto-mechanics are made in the USA. Our ability to build custom solid aluminum optical breadboards in a quarter of the time and at a third of the price typically offered by our competitors for similar custom products is in large part because we manufacture in the USA.