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Mr. Rohit Goswami

Early Career Member

Contact Information

SL-216, Science Block
Kanpur, UP 208016
Region: South & Central Asia

Technical Interests

Nonlinear Optics
Optical Cooling and Trapping
Photonic Detection
Quantum Computing and Communication

Traveling Lecturer

Discussion Topics

I am open to discuss most early-career topics of interest, however my particular expertise would be best suited for the following: - Academic and Technical Writing - Reference Management - Digital Workflows for Academia - Cross-disciplinary optics research - Contributing as an "outsider" - Networking towards a future in Optics - Dealing with academic burnout I would also be very happy to give the following lectures in my academic domain: - High Performance Pattern Recognition in Optics - Generative models for Nonlinear Optics - Finite Element extensions to Laser models - FEM techniques for HPC Photonics - Computer vision and Cognitive models - Reproducible research in Optics

Speaker Credentials

Rohit has long shown an interest in photonics and optics from a young age. Though a chemical engineer by training, he has been presented at Photonics 2016 and 2018. His work is mostly in computational techniques and has published in the journal of Molecular Physics on graph theoretic HPC approaches to pattern recognition in molecular dynamics simulations. Recently he has joined as a senior project associate in an experimental project probing the feasibility of optical techniques for quantum computing. His previous forays into optics has been in terms of computational methodologies and has endeavored to bring to bear his work in classical molecular simulation dynamics and high performance computing to design algorithms for distributed FDTD lasing schemes. Over the years, he has also worked towards multi-scale schemes for chemical simulations catalyzed by light. He has also had some formal experience in quantum tomography techniques for information processing. Most importantly, as student who has depended on OSA for keeping his interest in optics allowed, it is natural that he wishes to share the experience of the community and its impact on his life.