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OIDA (OSA Industry Development Associates) delivers the resources and expertise companies need to strengthen their businesses, build new relationships, keep current of next generation technologies, and receive the market intelligence to discover bold new business ideas.

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OIDA (OSA Industry Development Associates) members are as diverse as the industry; representing all stages of development, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Our members are your customers. Your suppliers. Your competitors.

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Your membership empowers OIDA to effectively promote and protect the business of optics/photonics in driving innovation, creating jobs, and accelerating growth in the US and around the world. As a member of OIDA you'll be part of a dynamic community that is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to the individuals and businesses that move our industry forward.

OIDA Member Dues


Annual Company Sales Annual OIDA Member Company Dues OSA Individual Membership Allottment
Tier 1: Less than $2 Million $650 2
Tier 2: $2-$10 Million $950 3
Tier 3: $10-$20 Million $1,900 7
Tier 4: $20-$50 Million $3,500 10
Tier 5: $50-$100 Million $6,500 12
Tier 6: $100-$500 Million $9,500 15
Tier 7: $500 Million-$1 Billion $11,500 17
Tier 8: Over $1 Billion $16,500 20
Special Rates    
University/Cluster $1,500 3
Recruiter/Non Profit $750 3