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Always evolving to better serve the industry. Announcing an improved, more flexible membership program.

Trusted R&D.
Membership benefits include valuable elements like market and roadmap reports, advocacy intelligence, high-impact journals, registration discounts to top technical and business development meetings and more.
Access to the industry’s top talent.
Through the OSA WORKinOPTICS online job board, OIDA members can review thousands of resumes and post job openings to assemble powerful teams of experts.
High-impact sales and marketing opportunities in every medium— face to face, digital and print.
OIDA members receive discounts on advertising and special exhibit and sponsorship opportunities at OSA events, and our seasoned public relations team can put your brand in the industry spotlight.
Top-tier industry connections.
With a global network of 370,000 business leaders, scientists and engineers, OIDA membership is your connection to the entire industry. Build valuable relationships at OIDA programs and events, and expand your market share.

Your business is unique, and your membership plan should be customized to fit your needs.

Design your plan based on how many benefits will best support your company’s goals.


Membership Packages

All Members Receive:


Sign up for Premium, Advanced, or Basic membership package and choose your benefit categories. Each category includes up to 6 benefits.


View Benefit Categories

Accommodating fees for each tier enable you to maximize your budget.



All prices in US$

Premium Package

Advanced Package

Basic Package

OSA Individual Memberships

Tier 1: Less than $2 Million 800 650 550 2
Tier 2: $2-$10 Million 1,200 950 800 3
Tier 3: $10-$20 Million 2,300 1,900 1,600 7
Tier 4: $20-$50 Million 4,200 3,500 2.900 10
Tier 5: $50-$100 Million 7,800 6,500 5,500 12
Tier 6: $100-$500 Million 11,400 9,500 8,000 15
Tier 7: $500 Million-$1 Billion 13,800 11,500 9,800 17
Tier 8: Over $1 Billion 19,800 16,500 14,000 20
Special Tier: Affiliate Member*
Includes venture capitalists, finance & market analysts, and
content providers.
800 650 550 2
Special Tier: University/Nonprofit/Government/Cluster*
Includes universities, nonprofit organizations, government
agencies, and cluster member organizations.
1,500     3

*Selecting a special tier must be approved by OIDA management prior to submitting membership application.

Additional Member Listing(s)
$100 per subsidiary
Includes all subsidiaries who want access to their parent company’s OIDA benefits; these subsidiaries will be listed as OIDA members.



OIDA Membership Application - PDF  


Questions? We're here to help.

Contact OIDA Membership at or +1.202.416.1474.