Senior Member Programs

From networking to mentoring, programs for Senior Members bring professionals together to learn and engage each year.

Annual Reception

Each year, we gather to honor our Senior Members at OSA Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science APS/DLS Conference (FiO+LS). Join us at to celebrate our member's accomplishments and network with others across your field. 


OSA Senior Members smiling at a receptionOSA balloon and sign in a hallway OSA Senior Members at a reception


We also hosted at reception at the CLEO Conference 2019 (pictures below). 

JCR2748.jpg JCR2885.jpg 

JCR2812.jpg JCR2878.jpg

Mentorship & Sponsorship

Navigate Your Leadership Trajectory Through Quality Mentoring & Sponsorship

Also hosted at the CLEO Conference 2019 was the "Navigate Your Leadership Trajectory for Senior Leaders." This program offered opportunities for reflection on the impact and the opportunity of having both mentors and sponsors, evaluate best practices in expanding personal leadership capabilities and understand a business case for mentoring and sponsorship in your organization to drive diversity, retention, knowledge transfer and engagement. 


Deliberate Mentoring to Advance Your Career: Special Flash Mentoring Session

Additionaly at the CLEO Conference 2019 was the "Deliberate Mentoring to Advance Your Career: Special Flash Mentoring Session." This Flash Mentoring session was a unique program that accelerated leaders of all generations to “Come Aboard and Get into the Fast Lane of Your Career Navigation and Leadership.” Participants learned the value proposition of mentoring for corporations and organizations; to use storytelling skills and meet, network, mentor, and be mentored by 4 -5 other colleagues in this highly dynamic session led by Julie Silard Kantor. Kantor is the President & CEO of Twomentor, LLC and passionate about mentor training and strategy to elevate a more diverse, skilled multi-gen workforce.