Dear Members of The Optical Society

Dear Members of The Optical Society,
In these challenging times facing Mother Nature, our thoughts are with you, your family and friends who have been impacted by the Atlantic hurricanes, the earthquake in Mexico, the flooding in India, and the fires in the western United States.
The long-term impact from these events is unknown.  What we are able to say with confidence is that we will be here for each other – especially for our members impacted by these natural disasters.
OSA is here to support you, even in the most trying times personally and professionally. If you need support during these times, OSA will help with your membership needs.  If you need assistance with your OSA membership, please call Customer Service at 202-416-1907 or 800-766-4672 and ask to be connected to me directly.

On behalf of all of the OSA team, we wish you, your friends and family continued safety.
Best Wishes,
Genaro Montanez
Chief Employee & Membership Engagement Officer