Communication and Leadership Skills Training

The Communication and Leadership skills trainings below will allow members to have the opportunity to participate in online and in-person learning opportunities to enhance their leadership, management and cultural competency skills as well as encourage self-exploration.  Members will engage in learning opportunities at their own pace via webinars starting in mid-2019.

Areas of Core Leadership Competency 

Communication Collaboration and Teamwork Leadership Critical and Creative Thinking
*Running Productive Meetings *Project management 101 *Supervision Strategies Fostering Innovation
*Being an Effective Communicator Engaging Colleagues In Dialogue Managing Up and Across Engaging Across Difference
Coaching And Feedback Collaborating Across Boundaries Leading Change Motivating Others
Developing Communication Strategies   Leading Without Authority  
    Strategic Planning  


In addition to the online learning, an in person training will be created to allow our members to learn and grow in a collaborative manner.