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Advancing Mid-Managers Summit

The Advancing Mid-Mangers Summit is a professional development program designed for those in middle management positions. The Summit provides opportunities, in a small group settings, for mid-level professionals to enhance and develop the leadership skills, relationships, and effectiveness that distinguish them in their professions and enable them to make more meaningful contributions to the teams and organizations they lead and serve.

Join us for this next workshop in the Advancing Mid-Managers Summit series at the 2021 CLEO Conference:

Won't You Be My Manager: Practical Lessons Learned

Millions of people have watched the TV show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” delighting in how its gentle host used stories, dialogue, interaction, and kindness to inspire children and adults alike to change the world. Mr. Rogers employed simple yet powerful techniques to create memorable lessons that have stayed with people for generations. There are some remarkable parallels between his goals and those shared by managers at all levels as they set goals, adapt to changes, and support their people and organizations along the way. After all, truly effective managers know teams and companies thrive when people are encouraged, challenged, and—most importantly—treated with kindness.

Meet our speaker: 

Alison Torrillo French, Managing Director. Alto Solutions 

An experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, Alison has led projects within the education, government, and private sectors for more than 20 years. She has facilitated strategic planning meetings, corporate retreats and skills training workshops; conducted in-depth change, leadership, and team assessments; developed and deployed strategic communication campaigns; and been recognized as a trusted adviser and go-to person by many clients. Her accomplishments range from being rated as a top instructor for the Deloitte Consulting Milestone Program and launching a career mentoring program for BearingPoint, to building and deploying a comprehensive change plan for a major Defense technology initiative with more than 7,000 end users, which, through direct engagement with top leaders, significantly influenced positive perception of the initiative and elevated its change management program to become recognized as a model within the agency.