Benefits & Services

One Membership. Infinite Possibilities

An OSA Membership provides exclusive access to an unparallelled professional network, cutting-edge information and valuable resources to enhance your career and business.

Making connections at OSA events.

Individual Benefits

Scientists, engineers, academicians, students, early career professionals, business leaders or other professionals with an interest in optics and photonics.

Individual Membership Perks

When you join OSA, you automatically receive:

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Making connections at OSA meetings.

Company Benefits

OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA): Delivering Business Value through Best-In-Class Member Benefits and Exceptional Advocacy.

Industry Membership Perks

When your company has an OIDA membership, you automatically receive:

  • Quality data that optimizes product development resources and reduces time to market.
  • A network of 350,000 connections and over 265 companies, worldwide.
  • Access to 177 countries - a global market.
  • Cutting edge industry news.
  • Access to top industry talent.

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