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Satellite-Based QKD

Imran Khan, Bettina Heim, Andreas Neuzner and Christoph Marquardt

A global network of spacecraft and ground stations, distributing secret encryption keys by means of quantum technology, could meet emerging and long-term threats to data security. Continue Reading



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» Satellite-Based QKD – 01 Feb

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Laser Frequency Comb
Laser Frequency Comb
Ultra-broadband laser frequency comb observed on the spectrograph of the Southern African Large Telescope. The regular comb lines act like a ruler in optical frequency, providing a calibration scale for high-resolution astronomical spectrographs of the kind used for exoplanet hunting and fundamental cosmology. The image is rendered in false color, but with the colors representative of the actual wavelength coverage, which extends from 555 nm to 890 nm.

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Gigahertz speed operation of epsilon-near-zero silicon photonic modulators

Optica, Vol. 5 Issue 3, pp.233-236 (2018)
Optical communication systems increasingly require electro-optical modulators that deliver high modulation speeds across a large optical bandwidth ...

Design of a gradient-index lens with a compound parabolic concentrator shape as a visible light communication receiving antenna

Applied Optics, Vol. 57 Issue 6, pp.1510-1517 (2018)
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Mid-infrared multispectral tissue imaging using a chalcogenide fiber supercontinuum source

Optics Letters, Vol. 43 Issue 5, pp.999-1002 (2018)
We present, to the best of our knowledge, the first demonstration of mid-infrared supercontinuum (SC) tissue imaging at wavelengths beyond 5 ...

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