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Controlling CRISPR

Meeri Kim

Light-based approaches for steering CRISPR–Cas9, the powerful Nobel Prize–winning genome-editing toolkit, promise to boost the technique’s precision and specificity—and might help bring it into clinical use.

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Wavy Waters
Wavy Waters

Striped pattern reflected in surface of milk with a few wild berries. Distortions of the reflection emphasize the shape of the liquid surface, curved by capillary forces. Taken at home using macro lens.

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Superluminal-subluminal orbital angular momentum femtosecond laser focus

Optics Express, Vol. 29 Issue 20, pp.31665-31679 (2021)
The interplay between the frequency chirping of a broadband laser pulse and the longitudinal chromatic aberration of a focusing optic introduces th...

Introduction to the JOCN Special Issue on Advanced Monitoring and Telemetry in Optical Networks

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 13 Issue 10, pp.AMTON1-AMTON2 (2021)
This special issue contains a collection of invited and contributed papers, including one review article and twelve research articles, on advanced ...

Single-shot circular fringe projection for the profiling of objects having surface discontinuities

JOSA A, Vol. 38 Issue 10, pp.1471-1482 (2021)
Fringe projection profilometry (FPP) is a widely used non-contact optical method for 3D profiling of objects. The commonly used linear fringe patte...

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