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Losing the Lens

Nick Antipa

Bolstered by machine learning and codesign techniques, mask-based lensless imaging offers a route to ultrathin multispectral cameras, novel microscope designs and more.

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Flat Diffractive Lens
Flat Diffractive Lens

Scanning electron micrograph of a flat multilevel diffractive lens that is achromatic across the longwave infrared (LWIR) spectrum and can be used for thermal imaging.

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Geometric phase with full-wedge and half-wedge rotation in nonlinear frequency conversion

When the quasi-phase matching (QPM) parameters of the χ(2) nonlinear crystal rotate along a closed path, geometric phase will be ...

Nanoantenna design for enhanced carrier–envelope-phase sensitivity

JOSA B, Vol. 38 Issue 9, pp.C11-C21 (2021)
Optical-field emission from nanostructured solids such as subwavelength nanoantennas can be leveraged to create sub-femtosecond, petahertz-scale el...

3D intensity correlations in random fields created by vortex structured beams

JOSA A, Vol. 38 Issue 7, pp.1024-1031 (2021)
We develop an analytical model for the 3D spatial coherence function of speckle fields generated by scattering of vortex and perfect optical vortex...

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