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Rise of the Robots

Edwin Cartlidge

As robots enter our world, they must become aware of their surroundings. Optics and photonics will play a key role. Continue Reading



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FEM simulation
FEM simulation
FEM simulation (COMSOL) of higher modes confined in a two-photon patterned Ormocer waveguide on top of a Cytop substrate immersed in water. Waveguide geometry was measured with an atomic force microscope.

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Modeling for detecting weld defects based on magneto-optical imaging

Applied Optics, Vol. 57 Issue 21, pp.6110-6119 (2018)
A magneto-optical (MO) imaging nondestructive testing (NDT) method for ferromagnetic weldments has been proposed. The mechanism of MO imaging was a...

Designing MMI structured beam-splitter in LiNbO3 crystal based on a combination of ion implantation and femtosecond laser ablation

Optics Express, Vol. 26 Issue 15, pp.19648-19656 (2018)
In this work, the design and numerical study of a MMI-based LiNbO3 beam splitter were presented, with a combination of ion implantation ...

Decaying evolution dynamics of double-pulse mode-locking

Photonics Research, Vol. 6 Issue 8, pp.825-829 (2018)
Taking advantage of the dispersive Fourier transformation technique, the decaying evolution processes of double-pulse mode-locking in a single-wall...

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