Molecular Understanding of Electromagnetic Field-Biomatter Interaction

Hosted By: Molecular Probes and Nanobio-optics Technical Group

29 October 2021, 11:00 - 12:00 - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

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In this webinar hosted by the Molecular Probes and Nanobio-Optics Technical Group, Dr. Michal Cifra from the Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences will focus on selected topics at the molecular level of how electromagnetic field is generated within organisms i.e. the biophysical mechanisms that could generate endogenous biological electromagnetic fields. Such fields can range from a few kHz up to the visible band.

Dr. Cifra bases his hypotheses on microtubule based microwave fluctuations and demonstrate that organisms are sources of ubiquitous biological autoluminescence (a.k.a. ultra-weak photon emission, or biophotons). This luminescence is due to chemiexcitations occurring as a result of reactions of biomolecules with reactive oxygen species. Biological autoluminescence was shown to correlate with growth and metabolism, oxidative metabolites. Antioxidants have a suppressive effect while oxidants enhance biological autoluminescence. Biological autoluminescence was also speculated to be involved in light-based communication between cells and organisms. Dr. Cifra holds that regardless of its biological role, biological luminescence and its analysis can be applied as a non-invasive, almost real-time, label-free diagnostic technique for monitoring oxidative processes at a low cost.

Subject Matter Level: Intermediate - Assumes basic knowledge of the topic

What You Will Learn:

  • Biophysical mechanisms in biomolecules and cells related to the electromagnetic field-matter interaction
  • Autoluminescence from biological processes
  • Alternative methods of cellular imaging

Who Should Attend:

  • Researchers, scientists, and students in the tissue imaging field or those analyzing oxidative effects on cellular behavior

About the Presenter: Michal Cifra, Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Dr. Michal Cifra (OSA & IEEE Senior member, chair of EMB chapter of the IEEE Czechoslovakia section, SPIE Life member) is head of Bioelectrodynamics research team and senior scientist at the Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. He obtained MSc. (2006) in Biomedical Engineering (University of Žilina, Slovakia) and PhD (2009) in Radioelectronics (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czechia). Apart from ~1 year biophotonics research experience from Germany (RWTH, Aachen / IIB, Neuss), he also gained experience with high-frequency bioelectronic interfaces (8 months, University of Chicago, USA). His research focus is on understanding and engineering electromagnetic field-biomatter interaction.