Advanced Nanophotonic and Plasmonic Materials for Sensing Applications

Hosted By: Environmental Sensing Technical Group

8 October 2021, 8:00 - 9:00 - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

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Optical nanomaterials are next-generation materials with enormous potential to transform health care by providing advanced sensors, imaging devices, and therapies. Nowadays, optical sensor technology has become increasingly crucial in environmental sensing, medical research, and clinical diagnostics. Optical sensors are capable of directly detecting low surface coverage of smaller analyte molecules from different solutions. However, existing optical biosensor technologies still require essential innovation and improvement to deliver high sensitivity, specificity, and diffusion-limited transport. To address these concerns, new sensing platforms with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity are needed. Therefore, to overcome the limits of optical sensing with traditional materials, research in advanced optical materials has intensified in the recent years.

In this webinar hosted by the Environmental Sensing Technical Group, Sreekanth Kandammathe Valiyaveedu a research scientist from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering at A*STAR will highlight the recent advances in optical nanomaterial-based biosensor technology for future sensing applications. This includes sensors using different sensing mechanisms, nanophotonic platforms and interrogation schemes. The webinar will also discuss reconfigurable sensing using tunable optical material-based sensors and intelligent sensing based on deep learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, optical detection using nanomaterials offers advantages including multiplexing capability, photostability, naked-eye reading, and the ease of miniaturization without sophisticated sensor- chip fabrication.

Subject Matter Level: Introductory - Assumes little previous knowledge of the topic

What You Will Learn:

  • New optical materials 
  • New sensing methods

Who Should Attend:

  • Graduate students
  • Early career researchers
  • Faculty

About the Presenter: Sreekanth Kandammathe Valiyaveedu, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR

Dr. Sreekanth K V is currently working as a Research Scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR, Singapore. He received his M. Sc degree in Physics and M. Tech degree in Optoelectronics & Laser Technology from well recognized Indian universities, and PhD degree in photonics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He then worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at the department of Physics, Case Western Reserve University, USA and a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies (CDPT), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is also serving as an Editorial Board member for Scientific Reports and Chemosensors. He has published one authored book, several book chapters and more than 60 peer-reviewed international journal papers. He is holding one US patent. His major research interests include nanophotonics and plasmonics for advanced biosensing applications, active nanophotonics devices and Bionanotechnology.