Simple and Highly Sensitive Plastic Optical Fiber Probes for Bio-Chemical Sensing

Hosted By: Photonic Detection Technical Group

27 May 2021, 12:00 - 13:00 - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

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An overview on photonic detection of substances in bio-chemical label-free sensing applications based on receptors combined with multimode plastic optical fibers (POFs) will be presented in this webinar organized by the Photonic Detection Technical Group. Nunzio Cennamo from the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli will give a talk focused on different kinds of POF sensors (intrinsic and extrinsic) exploiting various types of receptors and useful in several application fields. The sensor structures and the sensing mechanisms of different simple, highly sensitive, and low-cost POF probes will be reported and compared. Moreover, different kinds of chemical and biological receptors combined with POF probes, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each receptor, will be presented in detail. More specifically, the chosen POF sensing platforms, including low-cost and simple interrogation setups, will be described showing their ability to monitor specific receptors exploiting intensity variation techniques and plasmonic phenomena, as well. Finally, a prospect of future developments of biochemical sensors with multimode POFs will be discussed.

Subject Matter Level:

  • Intermediate - Assumes basic knowledge of the topic

What You Will Learn:

  • How to monitor specific substances exploiting simple and low-cost photonic platforms
  • The capability of the Plastic Optical Fibers to realize highly sensitive biosensors and chemical sensors
  • How different types of receptors can be used combined with optical probes to measure specific substances

Who Should Attend:

  • PhD students in the optical sensors/biosensors field
  • Fellows and researchers in the optical sensors/biosensors field
  • Researchers that would like to learn how low-cost plastic optical fiber platforms can be used to obtain simple and highly sensitive biosensors and chemical sensors

About the Presenter: Nunzio Cennamo, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

Nunzio Cennamo was born in Italy in 1975. He received the master degree in electronic engineering in 2002 and the Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering in 2005, both from Second University of Naples, Naples (Italy). He is Professor of Electronics at University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli (Naples) Italy. His research interests include the design and fabrication of optical fiber sensors, chemical sensors, biosensors and optoelectronic devices. He is author of more than 100 international journal and conference papers and 7 patents. He is cofounder of the Spin Off "MORESENSE srl" in Milan (Fondazione Filarete, Milan-Italy). He is an Associate Editor of Photonics Research (OSA) and of Applied Sciences (MDPI), member of the Editorial Board and several times Guest Editor of Sensors (MDPI). He is an Organizer and General Chair of the 7th International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S 2019), 9-11 May 2019, Naples (Italy). He is an invited speaker in webinars and international conferences.