OIDA Sponsored Webinar: How to Make Your Fluorescence Measurement Instrument Fully Wavelength Tuneable

23 March 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

In the past ten years Continuously Variable Filters have become sufficiently performant for challenging applications in fluorescence detection and spectroscopy. CVF offer an excellent alternative to filter wheels or gratings when full wavelength tunability is a requirement in any instrument. You will learn what Continuously Variable Filters are, what their features and benefits are, and how you can use them to make your instrument fully tuneable and flexible.

In the webinar’s first part BMG Labtech will explain why they chose to replace gratings with CVF in their ClarioStar microplate reader. They will show how they designed a completely new optical engine and what the features and benefits are for their customers. In the second part Delta will explain the filter technology behind this unique microplate reader and demonstrate other application examples.

BMG Labtech to Cover:

  • Introducing BMG LABTECH: company, products, market and customers
  • Development of a flexible microplate reader with high sensitivity
  • Filter-based reader, conventional monochromator and their limitations
  • Use of Linear Variable Filters in a monochromator
  • Advantages of an LVF Monochromator for our customers

Delta Optical Thin Film to Cover:

  • Who is Delta Optical Thin Film?
  • Principles of construction for Delta Optical Thin Film’s filters
  • Advantages of Delta Optical Thin Film’s filters
  • Continuously Variable Filters for Broadband Light Sources
  • Continuously Variable Filters for Fluorescence Spectrometers
  • Continuously Variable Filters for Multiphoton Laser Raster Microscopes
  • Discussion


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Poul Svensgaard, CEO, Delta Optical Thin Film

Poul holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Denmark’s Technical University. He served in various positions within Product Marketing, Sales Management and General Management within high-tech B2B industries. He has 20+ years international business and management experience and lived abroad in Australia and Germany. Poul joined DELTA in 2008 and co-founded Delta Optical Thin Film A/S in late 2014. Currently he is CEO, shareholder and board member of Delta Optical Thin Film.





Dr. Ann-Cathrin Volz, Application Specialist, BMG LABTECH

Ann-Cathrin Volz works as Application Specialist for BMG LABTECH with specific focus on cell-based assays. After her graduation in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Hohenheim she completed her PhD and a Postdoc in the field of Tissue Engineering. In her position, she can draw on her experience in cell culture and related microplate-based assays to support customers in assay optimisation for existing and emerging applications.







The views expressed in this webinar do not reflect those of OIDA and The Optical Society.