Insight into the Design, Attenuation and Bend Loss of Optical Fibers


Insight into the Design, Attenuation and Bend Loss of Optical Fibers

Hosted By: Fiber Optics Technology and Applications Technical Group

17 March 2020, 10:00 - 11:00

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This webinar, organized by the OSA Fiber Optics Technology and Applications Technical Group and presented by Scott Bickham of Corning Research and Development Corporation, is designed to provide practical insight into the design, attenuation mechanisms and bend loss of optical fibers.

The objective of fiber design is to create a refractive index profile that solves a problem in an optical communication system. The refractive index profile determines many key optical properties, such as macrobend performance, but only if it can be accurately reproduced during the manufacturing process. This interplay between the design and process is particularly relevant for determining the resulting attenuation of the optical fiber. These topics will be addressed in enough depth to give the attendee a better understanding of the philosophy, approach, and challenges of optical fiber design.

What You Will Learn:

  • Practical approaches to designing optical fiber components for optical communication systems
  • Sources of optical loss in fiber
  • Understanding of the relationship between manufacturing processes and optical fiber performance

Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists
  • Students
  • Optical Engineers

About the Presenter: Scott Bickham, Corning Research and Development Corporation

Scott Bickham is a Development Fellow with Corning Optical Communications. Since joining Corning in 1999, Scott has led the development of low attenuation fibers, bend-insensitive single-mode and multimode fibers and specialty fibers. He has a B.S. in physics from Purdue University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from Cornell University. Scott holds over 80 patents and has over 50 publications relating to optical fibers and optical transmission systems, including three book chapters. In 2014, he received the Development Excellence Award for his sustained contributions to product and process development at Corning. Scott is a senior member of the OSA.