Campfire Session: Mid-Infrared Laser Systems


Campfire Session: Mid-Infrared Laser Systems

Hosted By: Laser Systems Technical Group

2 June 2020, 20:00 - 21:00

Get your marshmallows ready and grab a seat around the campfire! The OSA Laser Systems Technical Group invites you to join them for their first campfire session on mid-infrared laser systems.

The mid-infrared (mid-IR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum (2 - 20 μm) has long attracted much scientific and technological interest due to the fact that virtually all molecules have their rotational-vibrational absorption lines in this wavelength range. For this reason, the mid-IR is often referred to as the “molecular fingerprint” region. Owing to the high-impact applications that result from the strong molecule-photon interaction, such as trace molecular detection for airport security screening and non-invasive breath analysis, research in mid-IR laser systems has become one of the hottest topics in modern optics research.

This campfire session will start with a short presentation from Alex Fuerbach of Macquarie University intended to stimulate a lively discussion amongst all participants on these and related topics:

  • Mid-IR fibre and waveguide laser systems
  • Fabrication of integrated mid-IR compatible photonic devices
  • Mid-IR supercontinuum generation
  • Applications of mid-IR light

About Our Speaker: Alex Fuerbach, Macquarie University

Alexander Fuerbach was born in Vienna, Austria. He obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering in 1999 and a PhD degree in Photonics in 2001 from Vienna University of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Ferenc Krausz. He then joined the company Femtolasers Produktions GmbH where he was responsible for the development of advanced ultrashort-pulsed Ti:Sapphire laser systems. In 2004 he returned to academia and moved to Australia to take on a position as Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, studying ultrafast pulse propagation effects in novel optical fibres.

In late 2005 he was awarded an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship which allowed him to establish his own research group at Macquarie University in Sydney where he has been ever since. He is currently Associate Professor and Higher Degree Research Director within the department of Physics and Astronomy.

Alexander Fuerbach’s principal research interests are focused on the interaction of femtosecond laser pulses with solid matter for photonic device fabrication and the development of waveguide and fibre laser systems, particular in the mid-infrared spectral region.