Recent Advances in Wire-Based Additive Manufacturing

Hosted By: Lasers in Manufacturing Technical Group

9 January 2020, 12:30 - 13:30

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In this webinar organized by the OSA Lasers in Manufacturing Technical Group, Dr. Yashwanth Bandari will be sharing recent advances in wire-based additive manufacturing. Existing metal additive manufacturing processes for manufacturing components utilizing powder and laser techniques allow us to fabricate complex structures, otherwise not possible, but can be limited in terms of component dimension and build-up rates. Wire-based additive manufacturing (AM) is opening a new era in metal AM. It is gaining attention in major sectors like aerospace, nuclear, tooling, and more due to its potential to produce large-scale components with higher build-rates compared to powder-based AM systems. Standard welding processes such as gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc, plasma arc, laser, or electron-beam, can be applied in wire-based AM with only slight adaptions. Furthermore, the development of wire-based AM is being driven by the need for increased manufacturing efficiency of engineering structures. Development activities involving wire-based AM of different materials, however, are relatively limited to date compared to powder-based AM.

Wire-based AM challenges include difficulties in developing the right process parameters and tool-paths to avoid defects, finding options for in-situ monitoring, investigating algorithms to compensate geometric and thermal effects, and outstanding issues regarding material properties and repeatability. These may need to be addressed in specific ways for particular materials in order to achieve fully automated systems. This webinar will summarize the current knowledge of wire-based AM with emphasis on system configurations, materials applied, mechanical properties achieved, and provide options to overcome challenges mentioned above.

What You Will Learn:

  • Basics of wire-based AM
  • Determining which AM process to use to fabricate a particular component

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers, managers and anyone interested in additive manufacturing

About Our Presenter: Dr. Yashwanth Kumar Bandari, Edison Welding Institute

Dr. Yash Bandari works at EWI as an Additive Manufacturing (AM) engineer at Buffalo Manufacturing Works (BMW). Yash has an extensive experience in large-scale metal AM to his current work with maturing and commercializing wire-based AM technologies for large-scale components. He is presently involved with electron beam additive manufacture (EBAM), wire + arc additive manufacture (WAAM), Laser + Wire additive manufacture (LMD-w) and blown powder additive manufacture (LMD). Yash received his Ph.D. in manufacturing engineering from Cranfield University, UK where he conducted research for companies like Lockheed Martin UK, United Technologies Research Center, Technip FMC etc. He also gained experience working for IIT Bombay as a research assistant; TATA Motors Limited in India as a technical manager; and most recently for Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) as a post-doctoral research associate, where he was involved in developing a control system for Laser + Wire/Hot wire AM, correlated weld parameters, cooling-rates, and mechanical properties for Ti-6Al-4V AM components, and investigated various tool path strategies for Buy-To-Fly ratio reduction. He is a avid traveler, enjoys cooking, interested in cricket, tennis, and american football. Go Bills!