Cavity Ring-Down Measurements on Optical Coatings


Cavity Ring-Down Measurements on Optical Coatings

Hosted By: Thin Films Technical Group

24 September 2019, 8:30 - 9:30

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High-performance laser optics with high reflectance/transmittance are essential for applications like gravitational-wave detection, inertial confinement fusion, laser gyroscopes, and high precision spectroscopy, etc. In recent years with the advancements in ultra-smooth polishing and ultra low-defect multi-layer deposition techniques, the reflectance of highly reflective (HR) coatings and the transmittance of anti-reflective (AR) coatings are routinely higher than 99.9%, and even approaching 99.9999% level. Thus, the accurate and reliable measurements of the high reflectance and transmittance are of crucial importance to the development of such high-performance laser optics. On the other hand, cavity ring-down (CRD) technique has been developed to be the most widely used method for the measurements of reflectance and transmittance higher than 99.9% with a typical measurement uncertainty of several ppm level.

In this webinar, hosted by the OSA Thin Films Technical Group, Prof. Bincheng Li, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China will present the recent developments of techniques, instrumentation, and international standard of CRD for measuring high reflectance/transmittance of laser optics. Examples of high reflectance/transmittance measurements, as well as simultaneous measurement/mapping of reflectance, transmittance and optical loss performed at 635nm and 1064nm will be presented. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Principle of CRD for high reflectance and transmittance measurements 
  • Recent technical and instrumentational developments of CRD for charaterization of laser optics
  • International standard ISO 13142
  • Examples of high reflectance and transmittance measurements at 635nm and 1064nm

Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists and engineers who develop testing techniques for optical coatings
  • Optical coating testing engineers and scientists
  • Scientists and engineers who designs optical systems and/or use coated optical components 


About the presenter(s):

Bincheng Li, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Professor Bincheng Li holds PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Wuhan University, China in 1995. He is a professor at the School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Professor Li has over 30 years of experience developing testing techniques for optical coatings and over 15 years of experience developing CRD for high reflectance and transmittance measurements. He is the writer of the international standard ISO 13142 and has co-authored over 240 technical papers.