Attendees working during the Innovation School in 2017



Innovation remains critical now more than ever, and the OSA Foundation is offering our week-long, intensive 'virtual" Innovation School with Georgetown Professor Eric Koester, the 2020 National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Professor of the Year.  This program is designed to give you actionable skills you can apply toward discovering, developing and launching innovative solutions and products..  Price is US$100 with a maximum of 50 attendees..

What's included:

  • 5 days of experiential learning
  • Lots of engagement and networking
  • VIP/CEO discussion sessions
  • Thorlabs Lab Snacks
  • VC happy hours
  • Regular engagement with mentors
  • Design session with visual artist 
  • Post school: Team debriefing all with Eric Koester and Bi-weekly mentoring schedule with Eric and/or mentors

    "The knowledge that I gathered during the activities at the OSA innovation school has been invaluable for my current projects since it can be applied to generate new ideas to solve different challenges when pushing the state of the art boundaries."  David Vega, MS, University of Arizona

Innovation Ready 

Innovation remains critical now more than ever, and to offer programs and resources for today's and tomorrow's top innovators, the OSA Foundation is organizing a six-part workshop series with Georgetown Professor Eric Koester, the 2020 National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Professor of the Year.  If you missed the "live" webinars, you can click the links below to watch the recordings. 

1. Innovation Strategies Today - Learn about the most effective innovation strategies
2. Spotting Innovation -  Learn key tools to better innovate 
3. Building Successful Innovation -  Learn the science of innovation teams 

4. The Art of Customer Insights - Learn the art of customer discovery including how to screen, interview, and organize feedback you and your team gather from your field. 

5. Building Traction - Learn about funding innovation either internally or through Venture Capital. 

6. Innovation Prototyping - Learn the rule of thumb that helps teams focus on what truly matters, gather insights effectively and avoid endless cycles and expenses. 



Payment and Refund Information

Checks and Money Orders All checks must be in US dollars and made payable to the Optical Society. Please indicate the check number on the registration form.

Bank Drafts and Wire Transfers Please indicate on your registration form which bank was used and when the deposit was made. Also, please notify OSA of the transfer to avoid any lost or unidentified payments.

Refund Policy for Registration A US $75 service charge will be assessed for processing refunds. A letter requesting the refund should state the registrant's name and the amount of payment and should be faxed to +1 202.416.6140 or submitted through Requests for refunds that are received two weeks prior to the school.

Refunds based on the inability to get a visa will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please begin the visa application process early. The visa process can take as long as 3 months in some cases.

Please contact Customer Service at or +1 202.416.1907 with questions regarding registration.