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05 April 2021 – 09 April 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

Become an Innovator!

The school's focus is on acclimating those with an intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial drive to the language, culture and methodology of business. Teams work on launching a business or product using the lean canvas model, while exploring product/business concepts from a customer vantage point.

In 5 days, you will learn about the key methodologies for discovering, developing and launching innovative solutions and products.

Identify high potential ideas
Validate Key Tactics
Innovation Experimentation
Develop pitches for new solutions

Design thinking
Collaboration and teamwork

Explore Innovation with our three webinars!

1. Innovating as PhD/Masters or STEM Student 
    February 4th 12:00-13:00 EDT
    Check out the recording

2. Innovating as a Manager
    February 11th 12:00-13:00 EDT
    Check out the recording

3. Making the Leap to Start a Company
    February 18th 12:00-13:00 EDT
    Check out the recording