Subsea Optical Fiber Communication International Summer School

Subsea Optical Fiber Communications

Subsea Optical Fiber Communication International Summer School

04 - 10 August 2019
Polvijärvi, Finland

Subsea Optical Fiber Communications 2019 International Summer School is for PhD students, early-stage researchers, entrepreneurs, Bachelor's, and Master's students looking for a new field of opportunity in technology.

Five days are devoted to multi-disciplinary courses covering subsea optical fiber communication.

Students will go through an A to Z process of building a modern global communication network, with a focus on submarine system design, submarine powering, cable technology, planning, marine operations, and maintenance.

Applications for the inaugural Summer School are due 30 March 2019. Applications will be reviewed in April and invitations to those selected to attend will be sent late May 2019.

This new school is in partnership with Google and the OSA Foundation

Topics to be covered at the Subsea Optical Fiber Communications International Summer School

  • The history and future of submarine cables
  • Basics of coherent digital optical communications
  • Architectures and management of submarine networks
  • Submarine fiber and cable technology
  • System planning and deployment
  • Marine and maintenance

View lectures from the 2019 Subsea Optical Fiber Communications School: 

Introduction to Submarine Networks

Cable Ships and Marine Equipment

Optical Transmission

Life Cycle of a Subsea Cable Project

Marine Construction Overview

Networks Topology, Management, and Powering

Submerged Plant Equipment

Cable and Fiber

Optical Transmission: Propogation Impairments

Cable Powering

Optical Transmission: From Physics to System Design

System Planning in Developing Markets

Subsea Terminal

Submerged Plant Equipment

System Deployment

Alternative Applications of Submarine and SMART Cables

Subsea Upgrades

Subsea Hybrid Cables

Overview of ICPC