Travel & Fees

Attendees socializing at Siegman School 2017


Registration Fee: $900USD (due at time of registration following acceptance). Registration includes all meals and accommodations from Saturday, 28 July – Saturday, 4 August and all meeting publications. Fee is due at the time of registration and any registration grants will be applied at the time of payment.
Travel: Students are responsible for their own travel to and from the school. The host institution will provide Visa letters for those requesting or requiring documents for travel. Student will arrive by 1pm Saturday, 28 July to depart for the island and return to the mainland on Saturday, 4 August to depart after 1pm.
Grants: Travel and registration grants will be available to OSA members and determined based on student need. Grants in the past have ranged between $200-$700 for travel and $100-$500 for registration. Students will receive notification of  grant requests at the time of acceptance to the school.
Other Funding Sources to Consider: Grant funds are limited and students should research all potential funding support such as their university, department, or government for alternative funding opportunities.