04 August 2019 – 08 August 2019 Rochester, New York, New York United States

Program & Topics


The Rochester Conferences on Coherence and Quantum Optics (CQO) have been held every six years since their inception in 1960, essentially coincident with the first observation of lasing.  Topics of interest include all aspects of experimental and theoretical coherence, quantum optics, quantum information and quantum measurement.

Past CQO conferences have brought together leading researchers from around the world, including pioneers in the field such as R. Hanbury Brown, and S. Pancharatnam, Nobel laureates Willis Lamb, Arthur Schawlow, Nicholas Bloembergen, Roy Glauber, Claude· Cohen-Tannoudji, William Phillips, Wolfgang Ketterle and Serge Haroche.

Topics for this year's meeting include:

  • Coherence as a Resource
  • Superconducting Quantum Optics
  • Chemistry in Quantum Cavities
  • Vector-Mode and OAM Coherences
  • Quantum Opto-Mechanics
  • Quantum Metrology and Control
  • Parity-Time Symmetry in Optics
  • Non-Markovian and Non-Stationary Quantum Optics
  • Many-Body Quantum Coherence
  • Quantum Coherence in Chemistry
  • Rydberg Tweezer Arrays
  • Integrated Quantum Circuits
  • Programmable Quantum Simulators
  • Atoms and Nanophotonics
  • Ultracold Molecules and Clocks
  • Simulations and Experiments with Cold Fermi Gases
  • Quantum Information in the Time-Frequency Domain
  • Optical Waveguides for Quantum Applications
  • Quantum Physics in Space