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14 September 2020 – 17 September 2020 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC - 05:00)

Digital Forum — a virtual extension of the in-person experience

An essential benefit of an in-person meeting is the ability to network with other attendees and talk in-depth with speakers and poster presenters. This OSA Meeting may be virtual, but there are still opportunities to meet up and talk in-depth and to make those professional connections. (The only thing you’ll miss is the handshake.)

We are pleased to offer a digital forum, an extension of the 1:1 poster discussions and hallway conversations through the discord platform. 


Continue the Conversation

We know the value of remaining in the room after a technical session or poster presentation has ended to ask questions of presenters. A digital forum, powered by Discord, enables similar, extended discussion and engagement with speakers and attendees that flows easily across timezones.

Channel Guide

#Announcements: Important updates and announcements for the event including reminders of upcoming special events and features!

#Introductions: Introduce yourself and let the rest of the attendees know what you are looking for, what problems you are facing or what solutions you might be able to offer.

#General: Did you watch a great talk and want to discuss something with your peers? This is the place to start your conversation. Whatever you guys wanna talk about, dig into it with this channel.

#coffee-chat: When you want to talk about non-technical content or non-event specific topics check out this channel.

Poster Presentations: Want to ask a question about a poster or start a conversation with the poster presenter? You'll find a list here of all poster presentations that have opted in. Channels are named with the poster presentation ID and the presenters last name.

Intro to Discord


  1. Claim your account: Add an email and password when you join the Discord server and verify your email to ensure you have continuous access throughout the conference.  While you can use Discord without creating a profile, your access may be reset every time you close the app. Check out the Discord Getting Started Guide for more information.
  2. Personalize your profile: Add a photo avatar to bring a much needed human aspect to the meeting. Learn about more Discord Account Customization
  3. Introduce yourself: Add an introduction a week before the event. What problems you are facing or what solutions you might be able to offer?

Anti-harassment Policy and Code of Conduct

The OSA Discord server is subject to all OSA Event Policies & Terms and the Anti-Harassment Policy and Code of Conduct. Violation of any of these policies or guidelines can result in removal and a ban from this platform. We ask you to be respectful and courteous to your fellow attendees. 

​If you witness any activity that violates the above, please use the online portal (or send an email to