14 September 2020 – 17 September 2020 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

Comb-disciplined Laser System to Operate Strontium Atoms in Magic Tweezer Arrays (QTu8A.3)

Presenter: Michele Giunta, Menlo Systems GmbH

We present an ultra-stable-laser system for cooling, trapping and manipulating Rydberg-states in optical tweezer arrays of Sr-atoms. Some CW-lasers are phase-coherently disciplined by an ultra-low-noise comb referenced to a sub-Hz ultra-stable-laser.

Authors:Michele Giunta, Menlo Systems GmbH / Remy Notermans, Atom Computing Inc. / Nikolai Lilienfein, Menlo Systems GmbH / Martin Wolferstetter, Menlo Systems GmbH / Marc Fischer, Menlo Systems GmbH / Benjamin Bloom, Atom Computing Inc. / Ronald Holzwarth, Menlo Systems GmbH

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