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14 September 2020 – 17 September 2020 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC - 05:00)

Experimental Demonstration of Multi-Parameter Estimation at the Ultimate Quantum Limit (QW6A.17)

Presenter: Benjamin Brecht, Paderborn University

We demonstrate the quantum-limited simultaneous estimation of the timing centroid, offset, and intensity imbalance of an incoherent mixture of two single-photon level pulses. Our measurement saturates the quantum Cramér-Rao lower bound.

Authors:Benjamin Brecht, Paderborn University / Vahid Ansari, Paderborn University / Jano Gil-Lopez, Paderborn University / John Donohue, University of Waterloo / Jaroslav Rehacek, Palacky University / Zdenek Hradil, Palacky University / Luis Sanchez-Soto, Universidad Complutense / Christine Silberhorn, Paderborn University

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