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Postdeadline Abstract and Summary Submission Deadline :
15 May 2019 12:00 EDT (16:00 GMT)

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35-word Abstract: Your abstract should be a brief summary of your paper topic. If your paper is accepted, your 35-word abstract will be included in the Conference Program. Note that the same abstract should be included in the 3-page summary as highlighted in the style guide.

3-page Summary: All contributed authors are required to submit a final summary of their work for publication in the Technical Digest, via OSA Publishing's Digital Library. Style guides are provided in a variety of different formats to support authors’ needs. All PDF submissions MUST contain the following items in order to be published:

  1. Complete title
  2. Complete listing of all authors and their affiliations
  3. Self-contained abstract, limited to 35-words (indexers such as Google Scholar will not index papers that do not contain abstracts)
  4. Appropriate copyright statement following the abstract. By default, the copyright statement will appear as 2019 The Author(s). If needed, the default statement can be suppressed by use of the {abstract*} environment.
  5. Permission and attribution for any trademarked or copyright images. Note that images of people or images owned or trademarked by other entities (including, for example, well-known logos or cartoon characters) will also require official written permission.

Please upload a file containing your paper in PDF format. The file size cannot exceed 2MB. Please be sure that your file meets the requirements of the Style Guide (in PDF, Word, and LaTex formats) and is no more than three pages. If you do not follow the style guide, your paper may be automatically rejected.  Make sure you include the title, abstract, and all author names and affiliations on the paper, and ensure that the title and author information on the paper matches the information you entered during the submission process. Incomplete papers will not be published.

IMPORTANT! Please make sure that your paper does not contain non-English font packages (for example, Japanese, Korean or Chinese fonts, etc.) in the body of your paper summary, as well as in all figures and tables. Characters in these fonts cannot be seen by reviewers. In the past, we have had particular trouble with MS-PGothic, MS-Gothic and MS-Mincho.


Category Selection: Please review the topics categories, and select the area that is appropriate for your work. In addition, you can request that your paper be considered for one of the symposia.

OCIS Codes: As part of the submission process, you will be asked to select two to three OCIS Codes from a broad list that best characterize your paper.

Copyright Agreement: The submission form incorporates an electronic copyright transfer agreement as part of your submission. No additional mailed documentation is required.

Presentation Preference: The presentation options are “oral or poster acceptable”, “poster only” and “oral only”. The committee has the final say on presentation types, though every effort is made to honor authors’ choices. Note: Postdeadline papers are strictly oral.

Adherence to the instructions for preparation of the abstract and summary is imperative. Failure to complete any of the preceding requirements may result in the rejection of a paper. NO CHANGES OR REVISIONS WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE. Emailed or faxed submissions will not be accommodated.

A complete submission must be submitted via the online submission system in adherence with the style guide and by the published deadline. Do NOT email, fax or mail your paper!

Registration and submission for Technical Sessions is open to all members of the scientific and technical community. It is incumbent on the authors to obtain appropriate approval to present their work to this international forum.

Visa Recommendation: It is recommended that authors who need a VISA to attend OIC 2019 submit their paper summaries by 3 December 2018.  For accepted papers, author notification letters will be sent before 1 January 2019, enabling these authors to apply for their VISA in a timely fashion. Vist the Visa information page.

Style Guide

Style guides are provided in a variety of different formats to support authors’ needs. Style guides are the same for all OSA managed meetings. Be sure to confirm page count and paper size requirements for the meeting to which you are submitting.

If you have any questions regarding the paper preparation process, please contact OSA Technical Papers staff at