Applied Optics Feature Issue for OIC 2019

Feature Issue of Applied Optics

Optical Interference Coatings

Submission Opens: 15 August 2019

Submission Deadline: 15 September 2019

Final decision made/all papers to press: 15 December 2019

Target publication issue: February 2020

Applied Optics welcomes submissions to a feature issue in conjunction with the OSA Optical Interference Coatings (OIC) Conference in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM, USA on 2–7 June 2019. This issue will focus on all aspects of optical interference coatings, including fundamental research on coating design, materials, deposition methods, characterization technologies, and most importantly, the broad range of applications. Whereas meeting participants are particularly encouraged to submit their work, the feature issue is open to all contributions in related areas.

Optical interference coatings are a key enabling technology that has numerous industrial and scientific applications—for example, in electronic displays, optical communication (datacom and telecom), XUV and X-ray lithography, lasers, gravitational wave detections, etc. This feature issue is aimed at researchers, engineers, users, and equipment/service providers of optical interference coatings.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Optical coating applications in:
    • Gravitational wave detection
    • Lidar, gas, fluorescence, Raman scattering
    • Energy management: solar cells and low-emissivity coatings
    • Micro- and nano-structures, meta materials, and photonic crystals
    • Ultraviolet (UV), extreme ultraviolet (EUV or XUV) and X-ray
    • Extreme light and lasers, ultrafast lasers
    • Polarization management: polarizers, polarizing beam-splitters, and non-polarizing beam-splitters
    • Telecom and datacom applications
    • Displays and lighting applications
    • Biological and medical applications
    • Security and decorative applications
    • Color management and ophthalmology
  • Design of optical coatings
    • New theory and design techniques
    • Novel coating designs
  • Coating and substrate materials
    • Artificial materials: micro- or nano-structures, meta materials, and photonic crystals
    • New materials
  • Optical coating performance and characterization

All submissions need to present original, previously unpublished work and will be subject to the normal standards and peer review processes of the journal. The standard Applied Optics Publications Charges will apply to all published articles. To be eligible for publication, an expanded conference paper needs to add value to the original conference proceedings and the conference paper number must be included in the cover letter at submission. Please see OSA’s guidelines on expanded conference papers for details.

Please prepare manuscripts according to the author instructions for submission to Applied Optics and submit through OSA's electronic submission system, specifying from the drop-down menu that the manuscript is for the Feature Issue on Optical Interference Coatings.

Feature Editors

Li Li, National Research Council, Canada (Lead Editor)
Robert Sargent, Viavi Solutions, USA
Anna Sytchkova, ENEA Optical Coatings Lab, Italy