Program & Topics


Topics for this meeting include the following:

  • Advances in Digital Holographic Techniques
  • 3D Imaging and Display Systems
  • Computer Generated Holograms
  • Compressive Holography
  • Quantitative Phase Imaging
  • Holographic Lithography
  • Digital Holographic Microscopy
  • Digital Holographic Tomography
  • Digital Holographic Optical Processing
  • Metrology and Profilometry
  • Gated Digital Holography (Time and Coherence Gating)
  • Digital Holography in LIDAR and related Remote Sensing Techniques
  • Incoherent Holography
  • Transport of Intensity
  • Biomedical/Clinical/Medical Applications
  • Dynamic Holography and Novel Recording Materials
  • Digital Holography in Nonlinear Optical Systems
  • Terahertz Generation and its Application to Digital Holography
  • Polarization Holography
  • Digital Holography for Inspection of Scattering Media
  • 2D&3D Image Processing for Digital Holography & Feature Recognition
  • Deep Learning, Neural Networks related to DH and applications
  • Emerging Applications of Digital Holography