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Subsea OFC Lecturer

2020 Accelerator Faculty

Facilitator: Tom Hausken, Senior Industry Advisor, The Optical Society

Holly Barrett, Marketing Director, Luminate and Damon Diehl, Nextcorps
George Bayz, Vice President & General Manager, Synopsys
Neal Bergano, Vice President and CTO, TE SubCom (retired)
Loudon Blair, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy Office, Ciena
Julia Bocage, Executive Search Consultant, Common Agenda
Shye Gilad, Founder and Principal, Creating Lift Leadership
Eve Griliches, Senior Product Marketing, Cisco
Gloria Höfler, Director, Advanced Development, Infinera
Lisa Huff, Principal Analysts, Optical Components, Ovum
Karen Liu, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Lightwave Logic, Inc.
Mark Lourie, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Brand Development, II-VI Incorporated 
Claudio Mazzali, Senior Vice President, Technology, Corning Optical Communications
Sujatha Ramanujan, Managing Director, Luminate Accelerator
Matthew Reaves, Managing Director & Founder, Common Agenda
Daren Reid, Director of Research and Development, Synopsys

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