20 July 2020 – 22 July 2020
02 July 2020

The OSA Applied Industrial Optics Topical Meeting has been cancelled. Select content from the meeting will be presented as a three-part webinar series.

OSA believes this decision, however difficult to make, is appropriate for these uncertain times. We appreciate your support of AIO and look forward to your participation when it is next presented.

Webinars & Speakers


Meet – Collaborate – Innovate

The OSA Applied Industrial Optics Topical Meeting (AIO) is a multidisciplinary meeting that focuses on innovative photonics research and its commercial impact. AIO brings together industry professionals with experience in overcoming the challenges of deploying and commercializing new products with researchers developing cutting-edge technology. AIO hosts panel sessions aimed at fostering dialog and new collaborations among attendees. The meeting will next be presented in 2021.

The 2020 AIO Webinar Series

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The Optics of the Electrification Transformation
20 July 2020, 11:00 - 12:00

Michael Oshetski, Micatu, Incorporated

The transformation of the utility industry to a distributed topology is rapidly accelerating the need for operational awareness. As the saying goes, “The great Mother, of all productions, grave necessity.” This necessity is driving new technologies for measurement, control and decentralization of electrification unseen in the last 100 years. Optical solutions pose to be the predominant player in the great race to distributed electrification.

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Investing in Patent Protection
21 July 2020, 11:00 - 12:00

Max Colice, Smith Baluch LLP

Patent protection is an investment. In this webinar, learn how to maximize the value of that investment by identifying what to patent, how to patent it, and how to realize a return on the patents. We will also discuss managing patent costs and timing. And time-permitting, we will cover several examples of successful patent strategies in the optics industry, from Kodak v. Polaroid and beyond.

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The Applied Industrial Optics Market—Pandemic Update
22 July 2020, 11:00 - 12:00

Tom Hausken, The Optical Society

In normal times, the market for industrial optics and photonics spans a broad range of applications, which makes it especially challenging to characterize in a pandemic-induced global recession. Consider the new boundary conditions. First, a broken supply chain may delay sales for both new and existing opportunities. Then, the demand from end-user sectors will expand or shrink in the spiraling economic aftermath. Suppliers may face large surpluses or deep shortages of specific products, varying from market to market. This webinar will briefly characterize the market as it is today, and provide some insight into the short- and long-term path for the market for industrial optics, including opportunities. The session will include time for discussion and Q&A.