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Applied Industrial Optics (AIO) is a multidisciplinary meeting that focuses on innovative photonics research and its commercial impact. AIO brings together industry professionals with experience in overcoming the challenges of deploying and commercializing new products with researchers developing cutting-edge technology. AIO hosts panel sessions and tutorials aimed at fostering dialog and new collaborations among attendees. Topic categories include, but are not limited to, instrumentation, sensors, metrology, imaging systems, applied spectroscopy, electro-optics, medical and biological diagnostics, harsh environment systems, and emerging laser, fiber and photonic technologies.


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Gary Miller

US Naval Research Laboratory, United States

Arlene Smith

Avo Photonics Inc, United States

Ivan Capraro

Adaptica Srl, Italy
Program Chair

Julia Majors

Avo Photonics Inc, United States
Program Chair


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