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Optical Fibers, Fiber-based Devices and Applications


The optical fiber is indispensable waveguide for optical signal transmission and manipulation, and fiber-based devices are key building blocks in information and communication systems.

The Optical Fibers, Fiber-based Devices and Applications (OFDA) topical meeting seeks original submissions in the general area of optical fibers including their design, fabrication, and physical properties, and measurement or characterization methodologies. It also covers all aspects of fiber-based devices and applications in communications, lasers, amplifiers and sensing. Fibers include but are not limited to: those single- or multi-mode; single- or multi-core; silica- or non-silica based; and conventional or micro-structured.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Design, fabrication, characterization and measurement of optical fibers
  2. Microstructured and photonic bandgap fibers
  3. Multimode and multicore fibers
  4. Non-silica and multi-material optical fibers
  5. Sub-micron fibers and waveguides
  6. Physics of linear and nonlinear propagation in fibers
  7. Fiber amplifiers
  8. Fiber lasers
  9. Fiber-based devices
  10. Fiber-optic communication systems/sub-systems for long-haul, metro, and access networks
  11. Modulation and signal processing techniques for fiber-based communication systems
  12. Discrete and distributed fiber optic sensing technologies

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OSA - The Optical Society