Bragg Gratings, Photosensitivity and Poling in Glass Waveguides (BGPP)

05 - 08 September 2016
SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney, Australia

Topic Categories

  • Fundamentals of photosensitivity, glass relaxation and poling
Photon-matter interactions, the similarity between single and multiphoton processing, ablation regimes, void formation, optically induced plasmas and nanostructures, exciton and exciplex formation, defects, phase transitions, optical-acoustic interactions, phonons, optical thermal interactions, transient index changes, Kramers-Kronig analyses, regeneration, hypersensitisation, annealing, optical chaos, optical localisation, emergent properties, optical and electronic analogies, radiation resistance, measurement methods, special fibres and waveguides, stress, composite effects, birefringence, transparency, Anderson localisation, solid-state autocatalysis, linear and nonlinear behavior.
  • Properties of grating structures, poled devices and techniques used in their fabrication
Temperature and strain performance, holographic writing, point-by-point inscription, phase front tuning, new writing methods, longitudinal properties, transverse properties, short pitch gratings, long pitch gratings, random gratings, transient properties, material properties, strain and thermal optic coefficients, acousto-optic coefficients, non-linear properties, new poling methods, new materials for poling, new materials for gratings, new materials for non-linear applications, radiation properties, annealing properties, chemical properties, biological affinity, biomedical compatibility, electromagnetic proof.
  • Industrial standardisation and applications of gratings, glass relaxation and poled glass
Harsh environmental applications, biomedical applications, diagnostics, structural health monitoring, intelligent networks, telecommunications devices, lasers, sensors, high intensity optical field applications, space applications, spectral applications, new technologies, switching, routing, instrumentation, interrogation, oil and gas applications, industrial field trials, qualifications, international standards and standardisation for different industries and applications, nuclear applications, new industry applications, super continuum generation, packaging.