Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (ACOFT)

05 - 08 September 2016
SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney, Australia

Invited Speakers

Thomas Koch, University of Arizona, United States, Plenary

Jean Armstrong, Monash University
Designing compact receivers for optical wireless communications and visible light positioning, Invited

Martin Bernier, Universite Laval, Canada
New strategies for mid-IR fiber-based light generation, Invited

Jae Daniel, Aether Photonics
Metal coated active fibres for high power and light weight laser designs, Invited

Woei Ming Lee, Australian National University, Australia
High Speed Temporal Modulation with Cascaded Fibre Delay Line and Micro-structured Mirrors, Invited

Anna Peacock, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Towards in-fiber silicon photonics, Invited

Nikita Simakov, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
Pulsed Thulium and Holmium Fibre Lasers, Invited

Silvia Soria, ICFO -Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Italy
Nonlinear Kerr Effect in Solid and Hollow Micro Spherical Resonators, Invited

Real Vallee, Universite Laval, Canada
Recent development in mid-infrared fluoride glass fiber lasers, Invited

Elaine Wong, University of Melbourne, Australia
Optical Networks for Healthcare, Invited