Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (FTS)
Hyperspectral Imaging and Sounding of the Environment (HISE)
Optics and Photonics for Energy & the Environment (E2)
Optics in Solar Energy (SOLAR)
Solid-state Lighting (SSL)

Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (FTS)

  • Lei Ding, Shanghai Inst of Technical Physics LibChina
    Geostationary Interferometric Infrared Sounder (GIIRS) for Chinese Meteorological Satellites (FY-4A and beyond)
  • Ronald Holzwarth, Menlo Systems GmbHGermany
  • David Lancaster, University of South AustraliaAustralia
    A chip based dual frequency-comb Fourier spectrometer
  • Kaoru Minoshima, University of Electro-CommunicationsJapan
  • Derryck Reid, Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited Kingdom
  • Gregory Rieker, University of Colorado at BoulderUnited States
    Dual-frequency comb spectroscopy for dynamic, high-pressure combustion systems
  • Lucile Rutkowski, Umea UniversitetSweden
  • Konstantin Vodopyanov, University of Central Florida, CREOLUnited States
    Sensing of trace molecules and their isotopologues in a mixture of gases with ultra-broadband mid-IR frequency combs produced as an optical subharmonic
  • Takeshi Yasui, University of TokushimaJapan

Hyperspectral Imaging and Sounding of the Environment (HISE)

  • Odele Coddington, University of Colorado at BoulderUnited States
  • Ichirou Ishimaru, Kagawa UniversityJapan
  • Xiong Liu, Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr for AstrophysicsUnited States
  • Jon Murray, Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
  • Luca Palchetti, Istituto Nazionale di OtticaItaly
  • Pinhua Xie, Anhui Inst of Optics Fine MechanicsChina

Optics and Photonics for Energy & the Environment (E2)

  • Weidong Chen, Universite du LittoralFrance
  • Richard Engeln, Technische Universiteit EindhovenNetherlands
  • Guillaume Genoud, MIKES Metrology, VTT LtdFinland
  • Jana Jagerská, Universitetet i TromsoNorway
  • Myriam Raybaut, Office Natl d'Etudes Rech AerospatialesFrance
  • Chauvin Remi, SERISSingapore
  • Wei Ren, Chinese University of Hong KongHong Kong
  • Santo Salinas, National University of SingaporeSingapore
  • Miriam Simpson, University of AucklandNew Zealand
  • Sune Svanberg, Lunds UniversitetSweden
  • Yuzuru Takashima, University of ArizonaUnited States

Optics in Solar Energy (SOLAR)

  • Nicklas Anttu, Lunds UniversitetSweden
  • Alexander Colsmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)Germany
  • Nicolas Ekins-Daukes, Imperial College London
  • Jan Goldschmidt, Fraunhofer Inst Solare Energie SystemeGermany
  • Baohua Jia, Swinburne University of TechnologyAustralia
  • Martina Schmid, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Solid-state Lighting (SSL)

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