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19 July 2021 – 23 July 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Pacific Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 07:00)

2021 Student Paper Award Winners and Finalists


Congratulations to the 2021 Imaging and Applied Optics Best Student Paper Finalists

3D Imaging Aquisition and Display: Technology, Perception and Applications (3D)

Elliott Kwan, University of Arizona, USA (3Th2D.6)
Tri-Aperture Monocular Laparoscopic Objective for Stereoscopic and Wide Field of View Acquisition

Timothy O'Connor, University of Connecticut, USA (3W5A.3)
Overview on convolutional neural network-based classification of red blood cells in lensless single random phase encoding

Marcos Pérez-Aviñoa, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain (3W3G.2)
3D Degree of Polarization and its Fundamental Limits

Kashif Usmani, University of Connecticut, USA (3F4A.1)
Visible and long-wave infrared imaging in degraded environments using three-dimensional polarimetric integral imaging

Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging  (COSI)

Kevin Zhou, Duke University​, USA (CW4H.1)
Incoherent 3D k-space synthesis with volumetric optical coherence refraction tomography

Xiaomeng Liu, Advanced Research Center for Nanolithogr, Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Laserlab, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands (CTu6A.2)
Tailoring Spatial Entropy in Extreme Ultraviolet Focused Beams for Multispectral Ptychography

Daniel Olesker, University of Glasgow​, United Kingdom (CTu4B.1)
Video-Rate Volumetric Imaging of Extended Structures with Engineered PSFs

Jiazhang Wang, Northwestern University, USA  ( CF2E.3)
VR Eye-Tracking using Deflectometry


Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging (DH)

Myeong-ho Choi, Inha University, South Korea (DF2F.5)
Waveguide-type optical see-through Maxwellian near-eye display with expanded eyebox using multiplexed holographic optical element and polarization gratings


Haiyun Guo, University of DaytonUSA (DTh5C.4)
Surface Shape Reconstruction of Transparent Objects using Structured Light

Manami Ohta, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan (DM5E.2)
Three-dimensional imaging through thick phase-fluctuating medium based on phase-shift digital holography with two adjacent light sources for common-path geometry

Imaging Systems and Applications (IS)​

Chiara Bonati, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland  (ITh1B.4)
Lock-In Amplified Differential Phase Contrast

Ruipeng Guo, University of Utah, USA (ITh5D.3)
Needle-based deep-neural-network imaging method

Alice Ruget, Heriot Watt University, UK  (ITh5D.4)
Robust and Guided Super-resolution for Single-Photon Depth Imaging via a Deep Network

Chaowei Zhuang, Tsinghua University, China (ITu7A.7)
Simultaneous superficial cortex and deep brain imaging in mice brain using wide-field microscope through implanting custom-built cranial window

Propagation Through and Characterization of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena (pcAOP)

Derek Burrell, Air Force Research Laboratory and University of Arizona, United States (PW4F.5)
Fast Statistical Testing of Scintillated, Speckled Irradiance

Pedro Salcedo Serrano, University of Málaga, Spain (PM2G.2)
Outage capacity of underwater FSO systems over scattering-induced fading channels