24 June 2019 – 27 June 2019 Messe München, Munich, Germany


Applied Industrial Optics focuses on advances in optical technologies and their use in commercial applications.

At AIO, industry experts/professionals with experience in overcoming the challenges of deploying and commercializing new technology meet research groups striving to get their technology out of the lab. AIO hosts panel sessions aimed at fostering dialog and new collaborations among attendees.

Topic categories include but are not limited to: instrumentation, metrology, imaging systems, applied spectroscopy, wearable devices, clinical diagnostics, harsh environment systems and emerging laser, fiber, and photonic technologies.

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Committee Members

  • Martin Garbos, Buerkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Germany , Chair
  • Arlene Smith, Avo Photonics Inc, United States , Chair
  • Sogol Borjian , Queen's University at Kingston, Canada , Program Chair
  • Joseph Dallas, Avo Photonics Inc, United States , Program Chair
  • Denis Donlagic, University of Maribor, Slovenia , Program Chair
  • Gary Miller, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States , Program Chair
  • Ivan Capraro, Adaptica Srl, Italy
  • Garrett Cole, Crystalline Mirror Solutions LLC, United States
  • Anton Garcia-Diaz, ABRAIA Software, Spain
  • Thomas Haslett, Avo Photonics Inc, Canada
  • Mark Itzler, Argo AI, LLC, United States
  • Jaeyoun Kim, Iowa State University, United States
  • Hans-Peter Loock, Queen's University - Chemistry, Canada
  • Cushla McGoverin, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Marion O'Farrell, SINTEF, Norway
  • Dominik Rabus, RABUS.TECH, Germany
  • Brandon Redding, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States
  • Michael Schmidberger, Osram, Germany
  • Patrick Uebel, Max-Planck-Inst Physik des Lichts, Germany


Martin Garbos

Buerkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG, GERMANY

Arlene Smith

Avo Photonics Inc, UNITED STATES

Sogol Borjian

Queen's University at Kingston, CANADA
Program Chair

Joseph Dallas

Avo Photonics Inc, UNITED STATES
Program Chair

Denis Donlagic

University of Maribor, SLOVENIA
Program Chair

Gary Miller

US Naval Research Laboratory, UNITED STATES
Program Chair


OSA - The Optical Society

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American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity metals, substrates, laser crystals, advanced materials for semiconductors, optoelectronics, & LEDs.


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