OSA’s Imaging and Applied Optics Congress brings together academics, industrial, and defense research perspectives to provide a comprehensive view of the latest developments in imaging and applied optical sciences.  The scope of the research presented in ranges from fundamental research to applied.  The ten topical meetings address the challenges faced by the community.

Congress Special Programs and Events

Plenary Speakers
Paul Debevec, Google VR, USA will speak on Monday, 25 June about Light Fields and Light Stages for Photoreal Movies, Games, and Virtual Reality
Laurent Pueyo, Space Telescope Science Institute, USA will speak on Wednesday, 27 June about Exoplanet Imaging: From Precision optics to precision measurements

Student Grand Challenge: The Optical Systems of the Future
The challenge was open to OSA student members and their advisors interested in presenting concepts for enhanced machine visioning or systems that enhance
the human vision system by augmenting or extending another human sense. Attendees will view the finalist and help select the winner onsite. 

OSA Light the Future Speakers Series
Imagine self-driving cars, 3D printing and a billion pixel camera. One hundred years ago these inventions were unthinkable. Yet today, researchers and industry leaders
around the globe are perfecting such innovations that once were the realm of science fiction. To celebrate The Optical Society’s 100th anniversary, OSA established the
Light The Future speaker series at eight international events in 2016 for conference attendees, invited guests and the local community. The program which features
visionaries, futurists and Nobel Prize winners who will bring an illuminating topic alive will continue in 2018. On Tuesday, 26 June at 8:00 Jason Eichenholz, CTO and Co-Founder of Luminar Technologies, will present a talk as part of the Light the Future series.