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19 July 2021 – 23 July 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Pacific Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 07:00)

OSA Virtual and Hybrid Meetings: Speaker Resources

OSA is using the Zoom web conferencing platform to facilitate virtual meeting rooms for all virtual and hybrid events. And while many are increasingly becoming more familiar and comfortable with using Zoom for meetings, we wanted to provide some basic on using the platform for presentations. In addition, this page links to other speaker resources — including a compilation of questions most frequently asked about the virtual format. 

Use the OSA Zoom Background When Presenting!

We encourage all speakers to use the OSA background when presenting—either real-time remote or in a prerecorded video.

The Zoom platform allows you to customize your virtual background in Settings/Virtual Background.

  1. Download the OSA background image or save the image displayed above (PC users: right click on image, then select "Save as"; Mac users: drag and drop image or CNTRL-click, then "Save Image as".)
  2. Select the "+" button to add the OSA image to your Zoom client.
  3. Select "Mirror my Video".

Note that virtual backgrounds work best when you present in front of a bare wall with no bright light behind you.

Speaker Timeline

3 Weeks Prior to Meeting Start Date        Presenters will receive an email message containing information on how to upload presentation videos. For meetings after 15 June 2021, you may also access the system using the same link you used to submit your paper and clicking on the "Alert" pop-up box that will appear in your account.
1 Week Prior to Meeting Start Date    Submit your pre-recorded video and register no later than this date.
1 Day Prior to Scheduled Session      Presenters will receive an email message containing connection information and personal Zoom web link. (The link will be unique to each presenter within a session and cannot be shared.) The email will come from the Zoom Virtual Room.
15 Minutes Before Session Start Time   Enter the virtual meeting room to receive any instructions from the room monitor, or to work through any issues or concerns.


Instructions and Resources

An Introduction to the Zoom Web Conferencing Platform

Never used Zoom? Not a problem. We offer some basic instructions on how to create an account as well as some handy features you'll want to utilize as a presenter or participant.

Prerecording a Video Presentation

Get step-by-step instructions on how to record your presentation, then upload it to the presentation module.

Presenting a Virtual, Live Presentation

For speakers that have opted to present live during the virtual session, please review these step-by-step instructions first. In addition, we offer some helpful hints to present you and your talk/poster in the best light.

Frequently Asked Questions: Speakers

We have compiled a list of questions (with responses) that other speakers have asked since March 2020. Review this resource for information on presentation tips, withdrawals, the virtual program and poster presentations. And, of course, we're here to offer assistance should you still have questions.

Instructions for Session Presiders

During your session, an OSA Staff Member will be on hand to support your responsibilities as a Presider. However, you will benefit greatly from reviewing helpful Zoom hints and step-by-step information on how to start the session and introduce speakers, and how to facilitate Q&A.