26 March 2018 – 28 March 2018 Hilton Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
  1. Terawatt to Petawatt Lasers; Amplification of Few-Cycle Pulses

  2. Coherent Combining and Synthesis of Short Laser Pulses

  3. Characterization of High-Intensity Beams and Few-Cycle Pulses

  4. Laser Technology for Fusion and Laser-Based EUV and X-ray Sources

  5. High Harmonic Generation, High-Field Rescattering Physics, Relativistic Nonlinear Phenomena, Intense Pulse Propagation

  6. Strong Field Laser Science including Interactions with Atoms, Molecules, Clusters, Solids and Plasmas

  7. Intense Laser-Matter Interaction from the THz up to the X-ray Spectral Range.

  8. Attosecond Science

  9. Plasmas in Ultrahigh Fields, and Laser-Based Particle Acceleration

  10. Theoretical Advances in High-field Physics