Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) Sessions

Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) Special Sessions

A pan-European project, ELI is moving into full operational mode in 2018. Attend two special sessions to learn about operational aspects of ELI and presentations from researchers working at the three facilities.

ELI — Future and Opportunities

Monday, 26 March, 18:30 – 20:00

ELI-ERIC and Future Experimental Access to ELI Facilities
Carlo Rizutto, ELI Delivery Consortium AISBL, Belgium
The three research centers of ELI are now entering the operational phase, and will be integrated into a single European Research Infrastructure, ELI-ERIC. User applications and access will be managed through a single access point and will be based on the quality of proposals as evaluated by international review panels.  Rizzuto, Director General of the ELI Delivery Consortium, on behalf of all the facilities, updates on the current status of ELI ERIC, organisational planning and governance.

ELI Facilities: Progress on Construction and Commissioning
Roman Hvezda, ELI-Beamlines, Czech Republic
The three ELI facilities are all installing and commissioning systems. The progress and current state of each project will be reported along with a look at the remaining challenges and milestones. Hvezda, ELI-Beamlines Project Manager presents a high-level view of all the ELI construction

ELI Systems Availability and the User Programme
Karoly Osvay, ELI-ALPS, Hungary
The Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ALPS) facility of the pan-European ELI project is designed to build a laser based research infrastructure in which light pulses of few optical cycles are generated and used for basic and applied research. Osvay, the Research Technology Director at ELI-ALPS will present an overview of the status of systems and the planned availability for each of those systems across the three facilities. He will highlight new developments, testing and technical opportunities in the coming months and years.

User Access at ELI ERIC: Opportunities for World Leading Science
Dan Stutman, ELI-NP, Romania
Overview of the approach to User Access at ELI ERIC. User applications and access will be managed through a single access point and will be based on the quality of proposals as evaluated by international review panels.

Panel Discussion,
Panel moderator: Gregory Quarles, The Optical Society, USA and Constantin Haefner, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA

Panel members: Roman Hvezda, ELI-Beamlines, Czech Republic; Karoly Osavay, ELI-ALPS, Hungary; Carlo Rizzuto, ELI-ERIC, Belgium; ; Dan Stutman, ELI-NP, Romania

Special Technical Session on ELI

Wednesday, 28 March, 16:30 – 18:30

The ELI ALPS Research Infrastructure: Scaling Attosecond Pulse Generation for a Large Scale Infrastructure              
Varjú Katalin, ELI-ALPS, Hungary

Progress in Development of High-repetition rate, High-power Short-pulse Lasers for ELI-Beamlines               
Pavel Bakule, ELI-Beamlines, Czech Republic

Prospects on 10PW Laser Technologies at ELI-NP               
Daniel Urescu, ELI-NP, Romania

Few-Cycle and Ultra-Stable Mid-infrared Parametric Source for ELI-ALPS
Nicolas Forget, Fastlite, France

Robust Few-cycle, CEP stabilized, High Contrast OPCPA System with Average Power Exceeding 50W at 1kHz
Tomas Stanislauskas, Light Conversion, Lithuania

5J Broadband OPCPA System with a Repetition Rate of 5Hz     
František Batysta, ELI-Beamlines, Czech Republic

Laser Beam Circulator for the Generation of a High Brilliance Gamma Beam at ELI-NP       
Kevin Cassou, LAL, France