20 April 2020 – 23 April 2020 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-04:00)
08 April 2020

This OSA Meeting will be held as scheduled in an all-virtual, web conference format.

Technical sessions will be presented live from the Eastern Daylight Time Zone (EDT) with a recorded archive available later for on-demand viewing. The exhibition has been cancelled. There will be zero cost for speakers and attendees to participate. [more]

Microscopy, Histopathology and Analytics Topic Categories

  1. Novel technology, devices, methods, models
    • Miniaturized devices
    • Endoscopic devices
    • Mobile phone-based microscopy
    • Multimodal microscopy
    • Multispectral microscopy
    • Computational microscopy
  2. Machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Computational modeling
    • Diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive algorithms
    • Data fusion and integration
    • Deep learning
    • Big data and cloud-based solutions
    • Image processing and analytics
    • Compressive and information-efficient sensing
  3. Molecular microscopy and tissue preparation  
    • Quantitative approaches for pathology
    • Advances in devices and methods
    • Novel contrast agents, reporters, probes, molecules
    • Probe delivery and labeling methods
    • Optical clearing, tissue expansion
    • In situ hybridization, spatial transcriptomics, preservation of nucleic acids
  4. Challenges in translation
    • From bench to market
    • Standardization of designs and processes
    • Design of validation studies
    • Regulatory and reimbursement strategies
    • Understanding real world obstacles