20 April 2020 – 23 April 2020 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)
12 July 2020

This OSA Meeting was presented in an all virtual, web conference format.

Technical sessions were recorded and are available to registrants for on-demand viewing. [Access recorded sessions.]

Clinical and Translational Biophotonics Topic Categories

  1. Preclinical disease research: techniques and applications
    • Molecular contrast agents, probes and reporters
    • Imaging methods for small animal models of cancer and other diseases
    • Optical imaging of the cancer microenvironment, processes and pathways
    • Targeted molecular imaging of cancer, and quantitative validation methods
    • Bioluminescence techniques and applications to disease research
    • Photoacoustics in disease research
    • Intravital microscopy for pre-clinical disease research
  2. Intravital microscopy for clinical applications
    • OCT techniques and applications in humans
    • Endomicroscopy
    • FLIM for clinical applications
    • Multimodal microscopy for clinical applications
    • Raman microscopy for clinical applications
    • Micro-elastograpy and optical biomechanics
    • Skin imaging techniques and applications
  3. Clinical spectroscopy
    • Optical properties of disease
    • Intravital spectroscopy for clinical applications
    • Hyperspectral imaging techniques and applications in medicine
    • Modeling of light propagation and optical properties
  4. Intrasurgical imaging
    • Optical approaches for surgical guidance
    • Intravital optical biopsy
    • Perfusion evaluation
    • Combined contrast agent / imaging approaches
    • Dynamic contrast
    • Applications in neurological surgery
    • Applications in cancer resection
  5. Non-invasive optical imaging for disease applications
    • Tomography approaches for clinical applications
    • Multi-modal imaging (e.g. combined with x-ray, MRI, ultrasound)
    • Photoacoustic techniques and applications in the clinic
  6. Optical therapeutics / theranostics
    • PDT, agents, techniques and applications
    • Thermal ablation
    • Agents for optical therapy
    • Laser surgery
    • Optical dosimetry
  7. Clinical translation: Biophotonics in the clinic and beyond
    • Global health
    • Applications in women’s health
    • Applications in ophthalmology
    • Applications in dermatology
    • New contrast agents in the clinic
    • Testing and evaluation of new clinical modalities
    • Challenges and trajectories of clinical translation